Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The holidays are coming...The HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!! we know that the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING...Right around the corner!  Are you ready for them?

Soapies has been gearing up for the HOLIDAY RUSH for a few months most suppliers are.  Anne-Marie of Bramble Berry and I have had a few discussions on this topic.  We are ready for you!!

If you have not started yet or do not know where to begin, call us and we can help direct you or check out our AWESOME Books, eBooks, eZines.  We also have an eClass on taking the confusion out of using Colorants!

Here is a fabulous list of knowledgeable Books, eBooks and eZines to choose from:

How To Sell Your Products Wholesale ~ Author:  Nancy Spruiell ~ Book

Soap and Cosmetic Labelling - 2nd Edition ~ Author:  Marie Gale ~ Book

SoapyLove M & P Book ~ Author: Debbie Chailtas ~ Book

Best Soap Recipes ~ Author:  Amy H. Kalinchuk, M.A. ~ eBook

Making Soap In Your Own Kitchen ~ Author: Amy H. Kalinchuk, M.A. ~ eBook

Let's Get Soapy - Spring 2009 ~ Author:  Debbie Chailtas ~ eZine

Let's Get Soapy - Summer 2009 ~ Author: Debbie Chailtas ~ eZine

Let's Get Soapy - Special Edition Soap Lab ~ Author: Debbie Chailtas ~ eZine

Let's Get Soapy - Fall 2009 ~ Author: Debbie Chailtas ~ eZine

Coloring With Confidence ~ Author:  Lori Nova of The Nova Studio ~ eClass

Soapies hopes you have a fabulous HOLIDAY CRAFTING SEASON!!
Toodles from The Soapies Team


  1. excellent book and ezine offerings, am adding some to my Xmas wish list

  2. Awesome!! I think you will really like them!!



  3. Soaps are sooooo on my list of things to try someday, perhaps when life is a little less hectic. Great resources, going to check them out for sure.

  4. We will be offering another FastBuy on SFIC Glycerine Soap Base Cut-Ups on October 1st!!!


    Kelley...Soapies Blog!