Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Special Soap Cutter...

OK...Many of you know that Soapies carries the best soap cutter ever...The Simple Soothings Soap Cutter exclusively....right?  Well...sadly, I have never owned one myself...Can you believe that!?!?

I emailed my Wood Artisan, Brian, and asked if he could make me my own "special" cutter.

I asked him, "Brian…can you make a special Princess Cutter for me!?!?!?! PWEEEEEEEZE!?!?!?!" 

He is so cute!  He emailed back and asked, "How special does it have to be??????" ~ Give a Red-Headed Princess an inch and we will take a mile!  My response??

"OK…Thanks for asking….Ummmm, can we embellish it with gems and precious stones, maybe a real gold cutting wire, maybe affix a tiara on it somewhere?  Ok….just one made by your loving hands will do!! ;o)"

Well...I have to show you my FABULOUS Soap Cutter...Made just for me!!  LOL

Along with it was a Princess Coloring Book and Crayons!!

I wrote to Lezlee and said, "He is too cute and my new HERO!!!  I *LOVE* my new cutter!!  No one will ever have one this nice…They are gonna be JEALOUSSSSSSS!! I am going to use it as my Show N Tell item this Sunday at the Wild West SoapFest!!! Tell him to send me my invoice. (I never got an invoice...it was a GIFT!)

I LOVE the Princess book and crayons!! I cannot wait to get started coloring!!"

Afterward, I got a note from Lezlee explaining....

"Brian and I had a lot of fun with your cutter."

He said to me, “What is a special cutter? Kelley wants a special cutter!”. He took your note so literally … I about fell down laughing. Once I explained to him that you really wanted a normal cutter but that you were just having fun he thought he’d get the last laugh. I found the gems and had to send the coloring book and crayons too. (Didn’t think you probably had any crayons around and even if you did everyone LOVES a new box!). Then I searched for the stickers. Again, Brian’s idea but I did the search."

Although I have never met Lezlee or her family in person, I feel so blessed to call them my friends!  I recently told Lezlee, "You are one of my dearest friends and I, truly, appreciate you more than you will ever know!!!"

Here is my gift to the Williams Family....

It just amazes me how close you can become over a period of years to someone that you have never even met.  I will cherish my Special Princess Soap Cutter and my close friendship with the Williams Family...FOREVER!

Brian, Lezlee and Braden...THANK YOU from your favorite Original Red-Headed Princess!!

Til next time...Kelley...Soapies Supplies

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