Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What the Heck is Wrong With You??

Wow!!  I am just flabbergasted at what a good friend of mine endured today.  My friend Allison Tweeted that someone verbally abused her, over the phone, no less.  She was swore at and called a very unpleasant name as she tried to help this potential customer.  What??  Why??  What would possess someone to treat another in that manner?  Manners?  Have we forgotten them in the deep recesses of our lives?

This behavior is so not necessary and uncalled for.  Treat people as you would like to be treated...If you have no self-respect, then treat people as you would want them to treat your mother.  Allison is such as inspiration to all women in business and it just breaks my heart to hear that there are still angry souls in this world that must malign others with their nastiness.

What can you do?  You can make a great attempt each and every day to help someone:
Do something special for someone..."out of the blue" and make their day - nothing fancy necessary...
  • Promote someone else and help them gain more business - takes two seconds to refer someone
  • Call someone in the family for no other reason that to say, "Love Ya"!
  • Phone a colleague and let them know you appreciate their efforts and ask to return the favor
  • Call a friend and offer to take the kids Friday night for them
  • Email a competitor and tell them you admire them...I did this years ago with Anne-Marie of BrambleBerry.com
  • Sit for 5 minutes each day and think good thoughts about someone else
  • Help an elderly person in any way they need
I am sure there are other ways you can do a sincere 'random act of kindness'...It will come back to you ten-fold.

Have a great and prosperous day and help someone today!  It will make your own day mean a lot more!

Toodles for now....Kelley


  1. I read about Allison's experience on Facebook. Manners seem to have flown out the window sometimes. The Golden Rule still applies in every situation - whether business or personal. I feel sorry for Allison and sad for the unhappy person that felt they could take that unhappiness out on her.

  2. Thank you, Kay!! I could not have said it better myself! ;o)

  3. I totally agree Kelley, manners cost nothing and mean everything! I cannot bear when someone doesn't respect another person.


  4. Somehow people think...because there's a phone line separating you..that it's not a human being on the other end of the phone. I think everyone in business has experienced it... our most outrageous incident had to do with a company that uses our name, for a product that some folks think we offer. we don't! but poor Christi got cussed out on the phone awhile ago for being 'too stupid to even know what products we offer!"...

    I guess if you are carrying around a lot of anger, some stranger at the end of a phone line is a much safer person to take it out on than someone within physical range of your rage.

  5. Celine and Marge...

    I totally agree with you both...Just insensitive and beyond ridiculous ;o(

    Toodles and Happy Holidays!!

    Kelley and the Soapies Team!!

  6. It happens this time of year. The stress of the season seems to be that extra nudge that just pushes people over the edge. We've had similar issues this season (as we do every year) and we just chalk it up to the season being really stressful. I agree with Marge about it being easier to be able to take it out on a stranger rather than the person who is actually irritating you so much. =)

  7. I agree A-M....I just had my head handed to me (and not even on a silver platter) by a first-time customer. She said very hurtful thiongs and promised to never buy from Soapies again and nor will her listmates ;o( Sad....I didn't even get a word in edge-wise or a chance to fully rectify the proble....since it a weekend and I cannot reach my manufacturers ;o(

    Question...Have you ever heard of week old White Beeswax beinng "rancid"?? I sure have not ;o(