Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you love your Furr-Baby?? Potty Park™ Does as much as you do....

Hey Pet Lovers...

Do you all remember when we found and rescued our little Chihuahuas, Clayton Henry (top) and Chloe Lynne (bottom) in early January? 

Well...they are doing tremendously well...Growing like CRAZY!!  They both weighed 34 ounces and now Clayton is 6 pounds and Chloe is following closely at 5.5 pounds.

Anyway, I noticed that they potty easier, and faster, in the backyard grass than they do on their indoor potty pads....

Off to the internet I went!  I found several links for "Grass" potty stations for indoor use.  I found them starting at $30-40 dollars up to $200.  I got interupted in my search (most likely by the "wee ones" wee-weeing on the tile floor).

When I got back to my "potty solution" search...I clicked on the Potty Park™ site.  WOW!!  What a difference in technology from the cheap and "similar" versions!!  I noticed that they we having a contest to WIN a Potty Park™!!

I, immediately, entered the contest... telling them how we found and rescued them and all and crossed my fingers!

Our vet bills had already started to pile up and thought, "What the hay, it is worth a try!"

The random drawing was to take place on February 11th...Well, that date came and went and so I figured I didn't win but I would buy one myself someday and continued on with taking good care of C & C.

So today, I am in my office doing loads of yucky accounting stuff when the phone rings...It is Christopher from Potty Park™.  I have to say, my heart started racing a little bit when he said, through his adorable and very gentlemenly British accent, that he was calling from Potty Park™.

He said he was calling because of my Contest Entry and unfortunately, I did not win...but wanted to see if I had any questions regarding the Potty Park™ System.  We must have spoken on the phone for at least a half-hour or more.  What a nice man!!  His son invented the system out of necessity (living on the 15th floor of a condo in Canada) and his daddy now works for him in the Potty Park™ family business.  He gave me great insight into all of the aspects and workings of the system and we also talked about his living here in Arizona at one time.

Why am I telling you all of this in this very long blog?  Because....I was truly amazed that a company would not only take the time to follow up with the contestants that did not win their gift but to then speak on the phone so long that I felt like we were friends!

I just wanted to share this with you all....In this day and age, customer service is at its lowest, in my opinion, and I am thrilled whenever I do, sadly, receive GREAT customer service as I did today with Christopher.

He also spoke to me about a great Potty Park™ Affiliate Program that I am going to sign-up for.  I will have a link on my Soapies Supplies and Dead End Pest Control sites (this blog site as well if I can) that will automatically donate a sum to an Animal Rescue Organization of my choice!!  How awesome and wonderful is that??

If you have furr-babies or are going to rescue/adopt one, I encourage you to check into getting a Potty Park™ System!!  They will be having future contests as well so keep your eye on that, too!

Soapies is proud to now be an Affiliate of Potty Park™.

You can now click thru our link on our Soapies Links site...
 All Commission Proceeds will go to a Local Rescue here in Arizona!!!

Love your pets and they will LOVE you back....Unconditionally!!

Toodles for now...Kelley

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