Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Stick Blender and I Tangled Backsides and I Lost!

Ok....Here's the deal...A few weeks ago my Assistant, Jaymie, and I held Cold Process Soap Making Classes.

We had a student, Sona, for our Beginner's Class and a student, Jennifer, for our The Whole Soap Pot Class ~ An All Day Cold Process Soap Making Class of all three levels:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Great Class by the way!!

So....The Beginner's Session went fabulously...

Sona earned her Beginner's Cold Process Class Certificate and went on her way ~ I love teaching students that have never tried CP at all.

Now, we start the Intermediate Session with Jennifer and all is going great....

Until I spy a speck of something on the outside of the Stick Blender near the bottom of it.  I picked the stick blender up in my left hand and used my right index fingernail to scrape the foreign object off.

My finger slipped under the blender and got sucked up into the blades because I didn't realized that it was plugged in and that I had, accidentally, pushed the button!

What a lesson to learn!  I am ok...but it took me two full seconds to get the courage to look at my finger.  The blades cut thru my nail bed and chewed off the nail polish I was wearing.  Fortunately, I have very thick natural finger nails...Not unlike acryllic nails and I think that saved my finger.  Had my hand been palm side up, this could very well be a different story.

Jaymie was outside taking a short break and Jennifer screamed at me to call for her and my husband, who was outside as well.  They both came running in to help.  I had to sit down as I thought I might pass out from the pain.  I had Jaymie use the birthing technique I used when I was in labor with each of my sons many years ago...I had her squeeze my injured hand as hard as she could to transfer the pain away from the injury.  We got the pain under control, got the injured finger bandaged and went on with the classes.  Pictures below were taken 2 weeks after the incident!


Please...Take this blog to heart and always check your equipment, carefully, before handling it.  See if it is plugged in before trying to clean a speck off it.  Don't plug it in until you are ready to use it....

Be safe everyone!

Toodles for now....Kelley


  1. Oh Kelley, that could have been so much worse, but it was bad enough. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

    I am careful to unplug my SB, but it's so easy to push the on button without meaning to!

    Thanks for posting the warning. Maybe someone else will learn and you'll have prevented another accident. I'm sorry it happened to you, though.

  2. Yes, it sure could have been! I am, usually, very careful as well....So lucky that I did as little damage as I did.

    I sure hope it helps save a few fingers out there, too!!