Friday, September 3, 2010

Does it always have to be about Soap?

Certainly Not!!  Soapies is dedicated to Helping, Teaching and Supporting ALL crafters in their endeavors.  Soapies gladly supports crafters in a multitude of ways from purchasing from crafters of all kinds to helping them market themselves.

Today, Soapies would like to introduce you to a wonderfully creative Soapies Friend, Pam of PK Stuff.  Kelley and Pam go back a few years as friends on a few Group Lists and I just have to show you all her new "Stuffs"!!

I cannot get enough of Pam's Stuffs!!  I buy them and keep them here for little give-aways to friends that visit and to new friends I first meet.  I have purchased 26 Coin Purses and have only 11 left!!  In fact, I need to place another order!!

So...without further adieu....Introducing one of my Favorite Crafters...PK Stuff...

Pam Kellebrew wrote the following Bio for me...
I'm a 53 year old crazy woman whose best friend is her dog, Jonah Dale. I live in Houston, TX and have been here most of my life. I've got 1 husband, 2 sons, 2 grandkids, 1 dog and a partridge in a pear tree, hahaha. I started my candle business 11 years ago but have been in the "crafting" business for around 20 years.

New Ideas Coming...
I have millions of them! I wish my brain would shut up so I could sleep at night. Since I'm in my "sewing phase" right now, most of my ideas are geared in that direction. I eventually want to have a line of dog collars and leashes to match the key fobs. I'm collecting quite a few really cool purse patterns to work on. But I have to wait for the timing to be right for me or nothing comes out right. I'm having a blast with the bags right now. And I am doing quite a few custom things for people behind the scenes of my websites. I just like to make people happy!

Ok...Time to have a look-see:

Awesome PK Coin Purses

Summer Song                                        Paisely Neon

Adorable PK Key Fobs

Zebra                                         Pam's Petals

Ribett Remix

Handy-Dandy PK Zippys

Big Daisy Dot                                                                      Crazy Hot Flash

 Hedgehog Meadows

Newest creation...Cosmetic Bags

Gerberalicious - Inside View             Gerberalicious - Front View

Visit Pam and PK STUFF...

Toodles from
The Soapies Team!!

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