Friday, July 1, 2011

NEW! Scoop 'n Soap!

NEW! Scoop 'n Soap: Pre-Measured Soap Base Blends

Soapies Scoop 'n Soap™ is a magical way to start your Cold Process Soaping!
A new Soapies Formulation product…Pre-Measured Soap Base Blends. You can CP, CPOP, HP, Crockpot, etc. our bases!!

We have done it all for you... Just scoop out the amount of Soap Base you want by weight, add the required lye and liquid from the provided chart and then Get Soaping!

You can even add your own scent and coloring, or any other additives, if desired, and there you go! We are starting with The Original and will have more bases very soon!

Order Scoop 'n Soap now!

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