Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas Story...

Ok.... The other day, I took Marcus to the Christmas tree lot. We bought a small tree… About 4 feet tall. I have been looking at the tree for the past several days trying to decide, 'do I really want to decorate it this close to Christmas?'...yada yada yada. So yesterday, I came up with an idea to offer it to a 'family in need' on craigslist. I had specific rules listed in the ad:

Could not be asking for yourself...Could only ask for a single parent with children or elderly couple and Could not sell it to someone else.

I got lots of heartwarming and sincere emails regarding a 'family in need' that would deserve to have the tree.

Marcus with Nana at the Christmas Tree Lot
I read each and everyone of them and then decided on one family. It was a neighbor asking for her neighbor who is a single mom of three kids that just lost her job three weeks ago. A few years prior, the people asking in the email for their neighbor were in trouble themselves and the single mom, with three children, helped them out at Christmastime so they are 'paying back' so to speak.

The neighbor that contacted me wanted the tree so that she would have something to put the gifts under that she and her husband have purchased for the single mom and her three children. I got a text after she picked up the tree… About an hour later… Stating that the single mom was thrilled and actually cried when the tree was delivered to her.

Made my entire holiday season!

I've already told my kids that Christmas will be very small this year as the economy is very rough for a lot of people… So this inspired me to try to do something, even if it is  small, for someone else. If by chance, if you can do something small to help someone else out this Christmas Season, I am sure they will be as grateful and excited and overjoyed as this single mom was!

I hope I inspired you to help someone else this holiday season…

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Princess Kelley

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