Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fragrance Bar - Friday at Soapies 6-8pm

Our first Fragrance Bar will be held the evening of Friday, December 16 from 6-8pm at the Soapies HQ.

Soapies Supplies
12240 N. 62nd Street
Scottsdale, AZ

We will have a few refreshments, the remainder of our clearance FO's ($5/lb - SUCH a deal!) and other FO's that will be 20% off for this event only. All attendees will be given an order form so they can check off which FO's they'd like. These will be poured (and labeled) into 16 ounce plastic bottles as each customer hands in their order.

So basically you come, sniff, buy, save. Fun, frugal, and fragrant. Woo hoo! There will be plenty of coffee grounds on hand for clearing of the sniffers between fragrance oils. If you're local to the area, you don't want to miss the Soapies Fragrance Bar!

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