Sunday, September 27, 2009


And the winner is....Out of 13 correct guesses of "Pie", our winner is...


Thanks to all that took the time to play in our Soapies Contest!  Marcie, watch your email inbox today for your winning $25 Soapies Supplies Gift Certificate!!


Ok...I think it is time for a Soapies Contest!!  Want to win a $25 Soapies Supplies Gift Certificate?

Bronson never calls me by Kelley...ever!  He has a funny little nickname for me....What is it?

Here is how it works:

Submit your guesses to the Soapies Contact Us Form ~ All correct guesses will be put into a hat for random drawing!  One correct "guesser's" entry will win a $25 Soapies Supplies Gift Certificate!!

Hint:  It is one of the following baked Desserts...

Cupcake                                                  Twinkie                                         Pie

Brownie                                                      Danish                                         Roll

OK!!  Time to make your guesses!!  Winner will be drawn Monday, September 28th


  1. I am going to take a wild guess - Twinkie.

  2. Nope...Try again! ;o) Come on gals ;o) Extra hint...slice

  3. AHA - got it. I had it in front of me all the time :+} - I'll send in my form again.

  4. After that hint....he calls you Pie?