Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is Wrong in Society Today?? Let's Pay it Forward...

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Sue Harris, posted a sad message to The Arizona Conference Yahoo Group.  Here is her message, titled, "Great Karma Opportunity!  ;o)":

OK, here's the situation:

At my Wednesday farmer's market at Town and Country, there is a lovely 78-yr-old French lady who makes jewelry (beads and things). She is on a fixed income, and depends on the sale of this jewelry to help her make ends meet. She had stored her bag of inventory in a locked room at the shopping center, and some workers who were doing a remodel at the center broke in and stole about $500+ worth of jewelry from her bag. She is devastated.

I was thinking, we have a lot of crafters in this group... does anyone have any beads or some such things that they might not be using, that they could donate to Nanou? (she of course has no IDEA about this... it just occurred to me as I was looking at a few strings of peridot and garnets and things I had bought at the Gem and Mineral show a few years back, and realized I could just give them to Nanou to help her re-group... and then thought, maybe there are others who might have something they're not using...)

Well, I figured it can't hurt to throw this out there and see if any of you all could help. It would make a truly delightful lady sooo happy. Right now I think she is feeling the weight of the world.


Sue Harris

Soapies has offered $100 to help replace Nanou's stolen items and another TAC member has offered a huge bag of Beads and Supplies...If you would like to help her out, please contact me or Sue for details....Thanks so much in advance!


  1. Wow, that is so generous of you and Sue. I'm going to a beading party this upcoming weekend and will definitely pass the word along.

  2. Thank you so much, Anne-Marie!! I am sure Nanou will be forever grateful to you! ;o)



  3. We now have a good-sized bag of assorted beads, from Jaymie (my assistant), beads from Sue, supplies from Lauren, a package arriving from Karla, one from Debbie and one from Suzanne!!

    I am soooo proud of everone that has stepped forward to help thus far. Keep the "Pay It Forward" gifts for Nanou coming and I will make sure they get to her ;o)

    Toodles and Happy Gifting,