Friday, April 2, 2010

Today Is The Day We Have Been Waiting For....Marcus???

Today is supposed to be Marcus' Birth Day!!  Will he arrive today or make us wait for his grand entrance?  I am so hoping that we see him sometime today.

His daddy, Garrett, my first-born, was born on his actual due date:  August 21, 1982.  I was in hard labor with Garrett for 26.5 hours total. 

At 26 hours, the doctor, finally, broke my water and Garrett (right) was born within a half-hour.

He was 7#, 5oz and 21 inches long.  There were 16 babies already in the hospital nursery the day Garrett was born...They were all GIRLS!!

He was the only BOY!!  The nurses arranged the bassinets so that Garrett in his blue blanket was in the center of all the girl's in their pink ones.

The day we left, another little boy was born and took Garrett's place as 'center of attention'.

My fingers are crossed that Marcus comes on his Birth Day as well.  We are soooo excited to meet him!

My youngest son is even staying at our house instead of his apartment 20-25 minutes away so that he can be here to hear the news and rush over to the hospital as a family.

Cameron, my youngest son, (left) is very excited to be an uncle.  He told me last night that everything in his life will now focus on Baby Marcus...He wants the best life for Marcus that is possible.  Very sweet!

Dear Marcus,

You are the highlight of my world and the most precious addition to our family.  We have been wanting you and waiting for you for a very long time.  You chose the best parents possible.  They will love and honor your spirit, teach and mold you with everything they know, hold and cuddle you in good times and in sad times, wish for you to have an empowering and successful life and most of all Love You More Than They Think Is Even Possible.

I, your Nana, am so excited to meet you.  Have a safe journey out to us...We are waiting to embrace you and love you forever.  Today is the day little man of mine...I hope to see you very soon....Love Nana


Dear Jackie and Garrett,

Neither of you fully understand how much I love you and cherish that you are giving me my first grandbaby.  In a year or so, you will.  You are both in for the experience of a lifetime...Like no other:

To be the blessed parents of Baby Marcus

Love him and each other unconditionally as we as parents love you....Love Momma


  1. Oh man! I hope he's here by now ... We are looking forward to his arrival =)))

  2. Nope....He is taking the scenic route, I think!! ;o)

    Hopefully, today (Easter)


  3. Oh gosh!! We hope Marcus comes soon!! I am due on Saturday 4/10... we are just waiting and waiting.

    Thank you for sharing your story about the birth of your son! His birthday is 4 days after mine! I was born in 1982 too... my mom was also in labor forever 32 hours!

    We will keep your family in our thoughts during this fun and exciting time!!!

  4. Martine....

    Thanks so much for following Marcus' progress along with your little one's. What a coinky-dinky about your birth and Garrett's!!

    Have you picked a name...Is it a boy or girl?

    I wish you the best and most joy-filled delivery, hon! When you are on your feet...Please send me pictures of your Special Bundle...OK??

    Love to you and the baby...


  5. We are still waiting, today is our due date but NOTHING !!!

    We are having a boy and will name him Pierce, that is if he ever decides to make his grand entrance!

  6. Martine...Be patient (easier said than done). Marcus was born 5 days after Dr.'s due date and 3 days before my calculations. Do you have a yoga ball? If so, use it and take walks (do not over walk and exhaust yourself).

    P.S. Doing the same thing that got you this way can work wonders now...If you know what I mean ;o)

    Keep us posted and I am sending you and baby much love and support for your Safe and Healthy Labor and Delivery. Send me pictures when you are up to it...ok??


  7. P.S. Pierce is a great name!! Middle and last name?