Sunday, July 4, 2010

Soapies Triple June Contests!

Well...What a month it has been!  We hosted 3 AWESOME contests this past month:

SoapyLove eZine Contest - Showing us your very best M&P Creation

Color With Confidence Contest - Showing us your very best Color Creation

Soapies Simple Labeler Contest - Showing us your very best Label Creation

We had several entries for each Contest and boy, was that a hard decision!  The Soapies Team got together to choose a WINNER for each Contest and we are very proud to annouce them here for you!

The WINNER of our SoapyLove eZine Contest is:  Denise Mancuso of AJ Sweet Soap

A little something from Denise herself...

My name is Denise and I've been crafting with M&P soap for a year and a half. What started out as a hobby has quickly become an obsession, and I'm always anxious to make something new and delicious. I love having unique products that make people say "Wow, is that real?" or "I want to eat that!". It's the ultimate compliment! And yes, even though my soaps come with a label reminding people not to eat it, people will still take a taste just to be sure it's soap! From Banana Cream Pie to realistic fake foods, I take great pride in putting the extra effort into making it look like the real thing - and my customers know I will do what it takes to make sure they have an impressively pampering soap creation!

Custom orders are always welcome - there's something so gratifying in making a customer's favorite dessert into soap!


You can follow Denise... Denise on Twitter and Denise on Facebook and visit her website and artfire site as well!


The WINNER of our Color With Confidence Contest is: Stacie Wyatt of Luster Canyon

A little something from Stacie herself...

My Arizona Sun Soap was created for a bar soap swap in a forum I belong to. I knew I wanted to use the Soapies Arizona Sunrise scent, but wasn't sure how to make what I had in my head become a, I figure swaps are the perfect venue to test things on. My soap came out better than I thought, and is my proudest soaping moment to date. After I set aside my swap participants soap bars I had one bar left over...and then Kelley listed the Color With Confidence contest...and I knew I had to enter this soap. I am going to recreate it and list in my Etsy Store later this month.
My business, Luster Canyon, derived from the need for products I could use on my own overly sensitive skin. That first batch of handcrafted lotion has grown into my passion for creating and sharing the benefits of my products with others. You can follow my Luster Canyon Blog and read about our products, new creations and find out more about me, my family and some of the random life moments that present themselves as I mix and measure my way through this adventure.
Luster Canyon
You can meet Stacie in person and see her wonderful items!  Show Schedule
The WINNER of our Soapies Simple Labeler Contest is:  Holly of Lotion Bar Cafe'

A little something from Holly herself...

My name is Holly and Lotion Bar Cafe is located in southern Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Started in 2007 after a fun-filled yule log hunt.  We stopped off to pick up a prize my son had won from finding the yule log.  We went into this store that was very cute in Woodland Park.  There were lotion bars that were poured into a candy type mold and they were very oily.  On our way down the mountain we talked about making them for my family gifts.  Some painted old terra-cotta dishes and about 30 espressos… and 15 batches later… I had the perfect lotion bar. Not too oily or greasy. Only using the best ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and great oils like grape seed, castor, sweet almond.

The family loved them and I would bring the left overs to work and use the bars at the restaurant I work at (Applebees).  I always had my hands in water my hands never felt so good! Voila’! That's how it was started! Seems like only yesterday that we would be up til all hours of the night!  I now make all natural body treats which include handcrafted soaps, lotions,lotion bars, fizzies, lip balms,scrubs, and now mineral eyeshadow. Love the shadows!

I support a group of GO Go's in Swaziland, Africa. They are Grandmothers to about 8-15 children each due to the Aids epidemic.  A portion of my sales helps out a checkpoint in Swaziland!  Have a Soapy Day!

Lotion Bar Cafe'

You can check out Holly and her products on her Website and follow her on her Blog!!


Soapies Note...I would like to thank everyone that participated in our Contests and I would also like to encourage our followers (we appreciate youy very much) to patron our winners...

Let them know how special they are!

Happy 4th of July Everyone...Have Fun, Remember our Hereos, and Be Safe...

Please Do Not Drink and Drive...

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